Pneumatic models

What is the recommended air pressure?
6-8 bar at the air inlet at the Easy Mover

How much air is used by the Easy Mover?
Between 650 and 1200l/min, depending on the model.


  • The air must be clean, dry and filtered.
  • The hose connected to the air supply should be minimum ½”, oil resistant and designed for the recommended air pressure
  • An automatic airline lubricator (FRL unit) should be installed, or pour a few drops of oil through the air inlet at least once a day.
  • Air connections should be kept clean.
  • The Easy Mover loose power:
    Check the air pressure
    Check the lubrication
    Check and clean the filter inside the air inlet of the motor.

Battery Powered models

Can the battery be overcharged?
No the charger has a protection for overcharging.

How long does the battery last?
Under normal use it last for an 8 hour shift.

What is the charging time?
Empty battery, 2-3 hours, half-full battery 1-2 hours.

Easy Mover in general

What is the speed of Easy Mover?
Between 12 and 25 m/min, depending of the model.

What is the minimum diameter of the moving object?
60 cm (roll, reel, wheel).

What is the life time of Easy Mover?
If the machine is taking care of it can still run after 20-30 years.


The brochure describes in detail our standard machines and displays the images of examples of products they can handle in various manufacturing industries and workshops. The brochure are also answers to questions about capacity, weight, thrust, maximum speed, air pressure and volume.

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