This privacy policy describes how Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin AB processes and treats your personal information when you interact with our website and our products and services.

This privacy policy concerns everyone who uses the website as well as our or our partners’ products and/or services.

We want you to feel safe when you give us your personal information. This privacy policy aims to show you how we make sure that your personal data is treated in accordance with the law.

Responsibility for personal data

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin AB, organisation number 556762-1817, are responsibly for processing your personal information, and are responsible for guaranteeing that this processing happens in accordance with the law.

Legal basis for processing personal data

When you give us your personal data in order to receive information from us, or to ask us about products or services, you consent to Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin processing your personal information according to the rules laid out in this privacy policy.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin. If you withdraw your consent Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin will no longer process your personal information for the purposes you had previously agreed to.

If you buy products and/or services from Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin your personal information will be processed in such a way as is necessary to fulfill the contract we have with you.

Legal obligations
Certain laws or rules make it necessary for Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin, being responsible for personal information, to process a certain amount of personal data as part of the enterprise.

Legitimate interests/balancing interests
Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin may process your personal information for marketing purposes in those cases where Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin recognises an interest in providing you with marketing information about new or existing products and/or services.

You can unsubscribe from such marketing communications at any time.

How we collect personal data

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin collects and processes personal information via any forms you fill in and submit on, as well as via email, phone calls or personal contact with people who are interested in the company’s services or products.

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin also collects non-personal data when you visit Read more about this under the heading ‘Cookies’.

How we store personal data

Personal data in the form of names, business identity code, phone numbers, email addresses and other information necessary for future business relations is stored in our CRM/business database, connected with the respective business information.

Personal data in the form of email addresses for mailing lists is stored in our email client.

Why we store personal data

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin stores your personal data mainly for these purposes:

  • Fulfilling contractual obligations to customers
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Providing good service
  • Delivering orders
  • Marketing
  • As a basis for marketing and customer analysis, statistics, business monitoring, and business development related to Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin’s products and services
  • Complying with security and government rules
  • Administration and enhancement of

How long do we store personal data?

The length of time that personal data is stored depends on the kind of personal data and the purpose of its processing. Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin does not store personal data for longer the necessary, given the purposes for which the data was collected. Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin may store data for longer if it is needed to comply with the law or to defend the legal interests of Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin (for example, in the case of a juridical process).

Third-party sharing of personal data

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin may share information with third parties in the course of fulfilling our contractual obligation to you or the company that you represent, for example in order to deliver products or services. Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin may also share personal data with companies that process personal information on behalf of Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin, for example partners and IT service providers.

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin transfers personal data to IT service providers within the EU/EES. These providers host, develop, and support our CRM/business database.

Personal data may also be shared, if necessary, to comply with the law or with demands from authorities, to defend the legal interests of Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin or to discover, prevent, or call attention to other security or technical issues.

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin takes action to protect all personal data shared with a third party, or shared with countries outside the EU/EES, in compliance with GDPR. Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin makes sure that your personal data is adequately protected in the case of transfer of information to countries outside the EE/EES.

Personal data protection

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin has taken the appropriate technical and organisational actions to protect your personal data against loss, misuse, unauthorised access, exposure, change, and destruction.

The employees of Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin are obligated to follow Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin’s rules of information and IT security, as well as this privacy policy.


Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin’s website uses cookies. We use cookies in order to analyse and optimise the structure of the website, so that we can deliver the optimal website experience.

A cookie is a small file sent to and stored on your computer or phone when you visit our website. There are two kinds of cookies – permanent and temporary (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored until you, or the server who sent them, erase them. Session cookies are stored temporarily and are erased when you close your browser.

We use cookies on in order to:

  • see information such as visitor statistics
  • see what kind of operative system is used
  • see what kind of browser is used
  • see how visitors use our website

We do not use cookies to analyse how you as an individual use our website. The cookie does not contain any personal information, but rather helps us to identify you as a user on the website. If you do not wish to permit the use of cookies on your computer you can easily block and erase stored cookies in your browser settings. If you do this no cookies will be stored, but it may impact your user experience on

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin as data controller

There may be instances where Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin act as data controllers for a third party, rather than as data processors.

In these cases Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin will treat your personal data according to the instructions we have received from the data processor. In these situations we cannot guarantee that your data will be treated in accordance with this privacy policy, but we will always ensure that processing happens in accordance with the law and, as far as possible, in accordance with this privacy policy.

Your rights

You have the right to know what personal data Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin holds about you, as well as the extent on this information and its use. The service is free of charge, and requires you to send in a written request.

You also have the right, as an individual, to demand that we block, destroy or correct your personal data. You always retain the right to withdraw consent and refuse further processing of your personal data.

Changes to the privacy policy

Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. The date of the latest changes is provided at the end of the document. If we make changes to the privacy policy we will publish these changes on our website.


Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin is responsible for processing your personal data. Questions or requests for transcripts of the information we hold about you are to be sent, written and signed, to or Easy-Mover-Rejmyre Maskin, Brenäsvägen 4, 610 14 Rejmyre, marked with ”Att: Integritetsansvarig”.

Updated: 2018-06-20

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